Three handmade felt fish hanging from a piece of cleaned, locally sourced  dritwood.  They make a fun and colourful wall hanging and would be an unusual gift for someone! 


The driftwood hangs from a piece of jute and the fish are attched with tiny little metal eyes and hooks.   The tails are made from hand painted card and have black netting over them, this netting is also used for fins on the body. 


It is a very light piece which makes it great for posting and hanging.  



'Three Little Fish'

  • Materials:  Wool, cotton thread, polyester thread, aluminium, synthetic stuffing, driftwood (cleaned), card, jute, polyester netting

    Size:  32cm x 16cm 

    Care:  Wash gently with lukewarm water and a damp sponge. Use gentle fabric cleanser sparingly if desired.  Rinse well with lukewarm water.  Do not attempt to clean with steam or washing machine as this will cause shrinkage.