A lovely little painting featuring a horse sourrounded by a golden arch with relief symbols and detail. 


The gold is actually gold aluminium foil and the relief texture comes from the use of gesso.  The gold has been covered with a protective varnish which should protect it from fingerprints although I would still avoid touching it wherever possible just to be sure! 


The horses head has been painted with acrylic paints and has blended blues, greens pinks and yellows with are pale and muted.  The bridle and the sun and moon have been created with gesso.


This piece has a very precious feel to it because of the gold - it really catches the light!  This painting was inspired by my interest in time and nature.  I am fascinated by their relationship and how nature (and everything) is constantly changing and shifting through time. 


Time never changes direction, never slows or waits for us and nature just keeps on moving on through it in a never-eding cycle.  The gold surround represents time (there are actually two 'wheels of time' either side at the top) and the horse nature.  Time is precious to me and so I thought the gold is a perfect symbol of this as the beautiful horse is of nature.


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